One. Agreement. Through this agreement, the member accepts the terms and conditions of V1P TRAVEL CLUB. This travel membership will give you access to Alfendo Ltd of 2210 The Crescent Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YEm’s booking engine, which is the final service provider and sole responsibility of the contracted services. V1P TRAVEL CLUB will give you access to preferential rates in more than 2 million hotels around the world, as well as an additional discount on your hotel reservations.

ALL services provided are subject to reservation, refund, and cancellation rules defined by the final service provider which is  Alfendo Ltd of 2210 The Crescent Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YE.

ALL services offered are subject to availability therefore there are no vacancies or prices guaranteed.

Two. Activation. The membership will be activated on the purchase date. The use of this membership will be
restricted to Membership owners.

The use of this V1P TRAVEL CLUB membership is conditioned to fulfilling the terms & conditions of the Affiliated Membership (Vacation Club).

Three. Renewal. This V1P TRAVEL CLUB membership will be valid for 1 year starting as of the activation date with the home resort. At the end of this period, the member must pay V1P TRAVEL CLUB the sum of $99 U.S. (U.S. DOLLARS) annually as a renewal fee. The renewal fee shall increase or decrease in the same proportion as the National Consumer Price Index for the Mexican Republic, and it is mandatory to continue the use of the membership.

Four. Reservations. The member will make his/her reservations through Alfendo Ltd of 2210 The Crescent Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YE and will pay the corresponding amounts to confirm the service(s) booked.

Five. Services provided by Affiliated Clubs or Hotels. V1P TRAVEL CLUB is not responsible for providing the services related to the Affiliated Club or Hotel, neither is responsible or is related in any manner with the amounts paid and/or the terms or conditions of the service booked. Members should take into account the terms & conditions set by the destination Hotel or Company, which include periods of use, prepayment schedule, and cancellation policy.

Six. Contact Information. The member agrees to provide contact information that V1P TRAVEL CLUB, Alfendo Ltd of 2210 The Crescent Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YEm, and/or the affiliated development may use in an appropriate manner to provide the above-mentioned travel services. This information will be protected by applicable laws and cannot be distributed to another entity without the authorization of the owner.

Seven. Behavior. It is strictly forbidden the use V1P TRAVEL CLUB membership for commercial purposes. The member should limit its use to the individuals listed as membership owners. A V1P TRAVEL CLUB membership will be immediately canceled if given commercial use, sharing information about V1P TRAVEL CLUB benefits or prices with third parties (including hotels, airlines, and others), and improper behavior toward V1P TRAVEL CLUB employees or any affiliated parties. No refund will be made for behavioral cancellations.

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